Whose hands are crafting?

Cecelia Columbro

Pray with me! 

My name is Cecelia Columbro, I hand-craft rosaries and chaplets. My passion is to bring the world deeper in love with Christ and His church by journeying deeper into daily prayer. I really do believe that prayer changes things! I believe in miracles!

I believe there has never been a better time then now to pray without ceasing! Pray with me daily on YouTube at Journey Deeper

I put a lot of prayer, love and careful attention in every item that I hand craft. Growing up in a religious home, I always found the rosary to be a bit monotonous until I grew older. Having our Lord's Mother as my role model, I wanted to inspire others to pray the rosary and experience the true joy of the Lord I have found in my life. May God be praised!

Pray with me on YouTube at Journey Deeper. Follow me Instagram @journeydeeper.